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Quote of Today – “Cload Atlas”

“All boundaries are conventions, waiting to be transcended. One may transcend any convention, if only one can first conceive of doing so. Moments like this, I can feel your heart beating as clearly as I feel my own, and I know that separation is an illusion. My life extends far beyond the limitations of me.”  
Robert Frobisher, Cloud Atlas


Film still © 2012 – Cloud Atlas Productions, X-Filme Creative Pool, Anarchos Pictures




Quote of the Week – “Time After Time”

“Do you still insist that this is all poppycock?”
“That’s not exactly the word I had in mind.”

-“Time After Time”

Film still © 1979 – Orion Pictures Corp., Warner Bros. Pictures

Quote of the Week – “Wrath of Khan”

“Captain, Captain, Captain… save your strength. These people have sworn to live and die at my command two hundred years before you were born.”

-Khan, “Wrath of Khan”
Film stills © 1982 – Paramount Pictures

Quote of the Week – “Sunset Boulevard”

“We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!”


-Sunset Boulevard

Film stills © 1950 – Paramount Pictures