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The Wedding Time-Sucker

So it’s apparent that I don’t seem to write here anymore. I plan on that changing – I will write here again (although I know my track record is bad because of large gaps).

Due to wedding planning, which takes up all my free time, I will officially (continue) to put this on hold until after.

I will be back in April. Maybe I’ll do the occasional pic post – but no guarantees.

Til then…..

I have officially bought tickets to see this on May 15th! Can’t. Fracking. Wait.


Film stills © 2013 – Paramount Pictures



I love Halloween. I love the dressing up, and I love horror movies – good horror movies, not just violence and things jumping out at you to startle you. This Halloween I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite horror movies, “The Haunting” (the 1963 version, not that other one I’ll choose to ignore).

When I was little, this image was terrifying….


I would stare at my ceiling after I went to bed and I could swear I could hear mumbling.

All truly good horror movies don’t just scare you while you’re watching them. The good movies continue to scare you long after you’ve turned the TV off, and you’ve gone on with the rest of your day/week. The good ones don’t need blood, gore, and monsters. For me, horror is banging on the walls, voices, and that feeling of dread. Horror is “The Haunting”.


And, of course, metal spiral staircases.


Film stills © 1963 – Argyle Enterprises, MGM



I rediscovered a part of my childhood today while on Netflix.

(Thanks to those who posted the opening on YouTube!)

© 1991-1994, Jim Henson Company.

My Week In Pictures

My life is defined by movies. That sounds sad, but without film I don’t know what I’d do with myself. Of course, I have a life besides movies, but I truly enjoy the escapism, the analysis (which tend to go on in my head more than it does in this blog), and even the pure fun of it. I know I’ve forgotten some – I do watch a lot in a week, but here are a few which made up this past week.









Til next time..

..and I know, they aren’t all technically movies.. but still..

Film stills © :

“Doctor Who” (2005) BBC

“Continental Divide” (1981) Universal Pictures

“Battlestar Galactica” (2004) Britsh Sky Broadcasting & NBC

“The Last Emperor” (1987) Recorded Picture Company

“Morning Glory” (2010) Bad Robot

“NCIS” (2003) Belisarius & Paramount Network Television

“The Other Man” (2008) Gotham Productions

“Casanova” (2005) Red Production Company

30 Years Ago

Today is my 30th birthday.

This year, these films are also 30 years old.

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…and “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” was released on the same day as my birthday.

Film stills © 1982:

“Tron” – Walk Disney Studios

“Blade Runner” – Warner Bros.

“E.T.” – Universal Studios

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, “The Thing” – Universal Pictures

“Gandhi”, “Annie”, “Tootsie” – Columbia Pictures

“The Dark Crystal” – Jim Henson Productions

“Poltergeist” – MGM

“Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” – Paramount Pictures


(Photo by author: Rainbow in Durham, England)

I’m sitting here in the office doing work and suddenly I hear the wind hit the windows hard. I look outside to see a torrential downpour that only lasted a few minutes. Those are the times when I wish I wasn’t indoors. On a day like this, when it’s in the mid-60s F, and it’s raining like crazy, I only want to be outdoors in it. Rain has such a cleansing effect (like so many movies and poets have said throughout the centuries), and it makes me feel clear-headed and happy.

I guess I’ll have to wait until the summer, when here in Raleigh, NC there are thunderstorms galore. I just have to wait…