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The Truth Told in Lies

Getting back into writing when you haven’t done it in a while is actually quite hard. I promised myself a while ago that I would keep up with this blog when things in my life calmed down a bit, only to discover that things don’t calm down. That is life. There is not calm. So, I will try and accept that and do my best to do the things I enjoy and not get bogged down with the ‘important’ things that I can’t stand to do (but have to). So, thinking of life, and what you want from it, my first film in ages that I have thought about writing about is “A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman”.

Chapman at University - even the pipe sounds are his own during recording

Chapman at University – even the pipe sounds are his own during recording

A few months ago I watched “Graham Chapman: Anatomy of a Liar”. I didn’t know anything about it, but being indecisive about what to what while perusing Netflix I saw both “A Liar’s Autobiography” and “Anatomy”. I decided to watch the “Anatomy”. I have always loved Monty Python, so a behind the scenes look interested me. I found it fascinating, and decide at some point I would need to watch the actual “Autobiography”. There were distractions, but I finally watched the “Autobiography”.
Introducing Michael Palin as Chapman's Da and Terry Jones as his Mum

Introducing Michael Palin as Chapman’s Da and Terry Jones as his Mum

“A Liar’s Autobiography” is an animated interpretation of Graham Chapman’s autobiography. Before he died, Chapman had recorded an audio version of his book. The film uses this recording as narration, with additional voices by the rest of Monty Python (minus Eric Idle). Chapman is able to represent himself in his autobiography.
and represent himself he did

and represent himself he did

It’s hard to describe this film without actually watching it (as so many are). Although Chapman didn’t stick to the ‘facts’, I believe it was one of the most truthful autobiographies I have seen. The idea of this film is what makes a person isn’t necessarily the events that happen in their life, but instead the emotions and experiences of their life.
Honesty in Alcoholism

Honesty in Alcoholism

Graham Chapman is able to portray this, and the animators who did the film managed to interpret his story wonderfully. Each theme in the story is done in a different style of animation. I cannot imagine doing this any differently, now that I have seen it.
This is an autobiography that entertains and sticks with you. I plan on reading the book as soon as I can (and as soon as I remember).
Additional: I’m not sure there is a book…
Friend's to be envied

Friend’s to be envied

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