My thoughts on film and life.


I love Halloween. I love the dressing up, and I love horror movies – good horror movies, not just violence and things jumping out at you to startle you. This Halloween I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite horror movies, “The Haunting” (the 1963 version, not that other one I’ll choose to ignore).

When I was little, this image was terrifying….


I would stare at my ceiling after I went to bed and I could swear I could hear mumbling.

All truly good horror movies don’t just scare you while you’re watching them. The good movies continue to scare you long after you’ve turned the TV off, and you’ve gone on with the rest of your day/week. The good ones don’t need blood, gore, and monsters. For me, horror is banging on the walls, voices, and that feeling of dread. Horror is “The Haunting”.


And, of course, metal spiral staircases.


Film stills © 1963 – Argyle Enterprises, MGM


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