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Hiatus. Also, “Men in Black 3”

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OK, so I’ve been slack.

I realize I’ve been really bad and keeping up with this blog – although I do want to keep up with it. I just have a hard time reviewing a film once more than a few days has already past. How should I fix this? Obviously by writing very shortly after seeing the films instead of going home to watch another movie (or a TV show like “Monk” or “Stargate: SG1” like I have been doing recently). I tend to forget until a few days has past, and I know this wouldn’t happen if I had some sort of deadline – and deadlines set by me never seem to work.

So here I am again, attempting to write. I thought of doing this now, since last night I saw a movie sequel which had rather a long ‘hiatus’ between this one and the last one; kind of like my hiatus between this post and my last one. I saw “Men In Black 3”. And, although I had heard mixed reviews, I went into it with hope, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This latest installment of  “Men in Black” was just as funny as the previous two, while still including the heart and serious side which each of them had. With a well written villain yet again (played by Jemaine Clement of “Flight of the Concords” fame) and lots of other aliens to amuse and surprise. And, although Tommy Lee Jones isn’t in this one as much as the others, Josh Brolin does a FANTASTIC portray of Jones, and the audience still gets the great chemistry between K and J.

A great movie which made me laugh. I am happy to have this franchise back in theaters again, and it seems taking a long hiatus between 2 and 3 was a good movie on the film makers part. I look forward to MIB:4, should there ever be one.


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